Crime City; 2011's Facebook Crime Flash Game

For all those action game lovers who are wondering on Facebook to get their hands on some Good Guns on the necks of rivals than here is your chance to take a hand on your business on facebook.Yes you have to play none other than Crime City on facebook. Also it is one of the newest games released on facebook for flash fun lovers.

In Crime city you start as a rising star in the Criminal World because of your renown criminal record you get directly onto your missions to complete within the city by killing stool pigeons and intimidating witnesses. Previously all those Mafia warriors who do the missions on a single click here you have a more interface within the game just like any other shooting game where the player has to walk to the target and than killing him.

In crime city there are many Crime zones where you have to strengthen yourself as a boss by completing missions and doing jobs. Players have hoods like just we have in GTA sessions, Hoods act as the base of the operations and you can purchase your own business buildings to populate your block and get some bucks out of it for your weaponry and other stuff. You also get a chance to decorate your neighbourhood with benches, bushes, shrubs and build huge factory buildings just as steel mill to get construction material for buildings.

You earn respect by defeating your enemies and you have to maintain a certain level of it to be in game.Even you get respect by robbing and combats in Oppostions area.

Now lets talk about the earnings you get out of your missions . So on every completion of your missions you get $ and also diamonds. Players can also buy the facebook points for special items available on the game.

Seriously you are going to love it once you are in as the players are constantly involved in different interesting activities missions and also the construction of buildings so you are going to have a good time playing crime city as a flash game.


cookingvarieties said...

hi addy and lynne. oooooo i dont play internet games, really am not good in this.. anyway this game sounds cool and must be exciting for game lovers:)
I have an award for you. please collect at my site. Do let me know if you cant download, gimme your email address, I will send to you by email .Thanks

shahanara said...

your blog is very fine!!

cookingvarieties said...

hi lynne, hope you are doing fine, just read your mail. i decided to give you both the hundred hearts award because you deserve this..
there is a sentence at the bottom of the heart pics, it says in Bulgarian language “A hundred hearts would be too few to carry my love for you”

you have been very generous and thoughtful to other bloggers like me, by giving us free space to promote our blogs in yours, not just that, but you took time and trouble to do write ups for ur ..which we should be doing all that :) something which others don't do.. that's a very special and kind hearted effort.

like one blogger who i also gave the award said " i feel so good, only a kind hearted person will give a heart to others, especially to a new blogger like me, that's inspiring"

and that is inspiring for me too. its an award among kind hearted people. its not necessary to regularly visit each others blogs to be kind hearted ... being remembered is great enough :)

lynne, you are one blogger whom i dont expect to visit me n comment cos i very much understand you are busy attending to your mom's and moments when your health does not permit..i am happy enough to know if you are fine, whe you say hi at

just email award to you and have a nice day.. take care

Lynne said...

Thank you so much, to our friend at Cooking varieties for the beautiful award of purple hearts! We are so grateful for your thoughtfulness! <3

Lynne said...

Thank you so much for your very nice comment! It made our day! :)
~Addy and Lynne

Anonymous said...

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