Battlefield 4 could be a challenge for the Game Developers

While I was just hovering around on the internet and while searching on youtube I just saw something which atleat gave me a shock and yes it was the Battlefield 4 Fan made Trailer. And the way he just thought it to be is going to be far more earlier than it becoming a reality for him. He added some of the most realistic graphics and an extra detailed Gameplay which is still not possible.

Another thing which can be added here is that whether such a realistic game would be released on PS3 , P.C , XBOX or there would be some special platform waiting for us. May be a 3 D World Platform can be a solution for such games where people can play such a game with their brain engaging within the game itself. And that would be a treat for all the Gamer community to be in Battlefield 4 but infact in a realistic battlefield.
The Trailer producer has mentioned the release date as 2017 so it looks too early to say that after Battlefield 3 the developers would take 6 years to launch the 4th part.



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