GTA V Officially announced to be released in 2012

As most of us are fans of GTA and have played nearly the whole series, at the same time we were waiting for the GTA V to be announced so here is the Grand day Grand Theft Auto V has been officially announced by the Rockstar games on their official website. Not much has been revealed, the release date of official trailer for GTA 5 (November 2nd, 2011) and a clue that GTA V is coming in 2012 has been waved towards the fans. A significant thing is the countdown timer for trailer release has been placed on their official website for the GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful games of in the history as their franchise has sold more than 114 million units since its debut in 1997. Most of the Parts got global attention from the game lovers and its unique features and creativity made it something really special for the gamers.

As the GTA series always bring new and unique features in their game play just like they brought in GTA IV the fans must be waiting for some unique game play this time too and it would be a great pressure for the developers to bring something different which appeals to their massive fans. Since it has past two years for them to develop the GTA V therefore it is an added pressure for the game developers.

I personally feel that GTA IV was their best ever development as its game play was outstanding and was very realistic. The most amazing thing was the way I can drive the car and it was too realistic to control the car on the busy road. I am hoping for a much better game play experience from the GTA V.

This time GTA can even break their previous records and can just surpass their previous limit of Games sold and can be more successful as they have recently celebrated the Tenth anniversary of GTA 3.

So Proflashers
What are you expecting from GTA V?


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Aschatria Xyana said...

Successful or not, I enjoy playing it.

One of the previous GTA San Andreas could be customized trough text files; I hope this one will be alike.

Addy Rash said...

@ Aschatria..

You are right this is really an amazing game and me too loved it and especially the GTA IV it has amazing graphics and gameplay waas very good as compared to the previous versions.

HD Cafe said...

Wishes you and your family a Christmas filled with joy and a Happy New Year!

HD Cafe

Lynne said...

HD Cafe,
Thank you for your beautiful wishes! That was so thoughtful of you!
We truly hope you had a very special Christmas celebration, as well, and a peaceful and joyous time with family and friends, and that your new year's is filled with many blessings and times of cheer and growth and dreams come true! Our prayer is that all of you will have a blessed New Year in 2012!!!

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