A day to stop and think

At the end of May each year

To remind us of our freedom

And the brave who had to bear.

They fought with courage and strength

Through blood, and sweat, and pain

For the honor of their country

And our liberty to gain.

The priceless gift was given

Each time victory rang true

But priceless lives were taken

To wave red, white, and blue.

We ponder and look ‘round

At all those endless graves

We remember with great honor

The lives the heroes saved.

So on this day of memories

So full of bitter and sweet

We thank the God of glory

For saving from defeat.

For He gave each man desire

To fight for land and sea

We praise God for His plans

That made our country free.



Likan Patra said...

Nice Poem.. I really liked your poems especially this one..

Lynne said...

Thank you, Likan!

Crystal Mary said...

Amen, well said!! My husband served as a Marine and was wounded in Vietnam. God Bless. Crystal Mary...Australia

Lynne said...

Crystal Mary,
So sorry to hear about your husband. We are so thankful for him and so many heroes that fight for our countries continually. Great thanks to God for his Hand in all our lives. Thank you for your compliments. That was very special!

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