I am a wife to a caring husband and mother to two beautiful daughters in their twenties and a grandmother to a one-yr. old adorable, joyful little boy, who we are caring for full-time! He is a pure delight, and we can't imagine life without him!!

I have Lupus, MS, and an ileostomy, and chronic health problems have been a way of life for me most of my life, but
Jesus gives me grace to face every day and every test, and He promises to be my help and always has been and will never leave me! He has taught me so many priceless lessons along the way!

I love to share inspirational poetry that I mostly wrote when I was laid up in bed very sick, although I continue to write. I have my autobiography ready to publish and will at the right time. I published a poetry book with a lot of my poems in 2014!

This blog is full of more than just poetry. There is beautiful
photography, quick and easy delicious recipes the whole
family will enjoy. I made a cookbook out of a lot of these
recipes and published it! We have free giveaways!
Be sure to keep checking back with us- prizes vary, but are
so easy to win! There are stories, guest posts, special entries,
contests, etc. and so much more!

Also, please submit recipes or poems at anytime
to share! And if you need help finding one, just ask.
There will be more great things added as time goes on. 

We hope you will follow the Menagerie and enjoy!
Thank you for stopping by!


Contact: linpatt10 [at] gmail [dot] com
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