The Miracle in Sanibel

Swept away on a romantic vacation
To the beaches of Sanibel in God’s glorious creation!
So excited to find the prettiest shells;
Suddenly, we heard piercing screams and frantic yells!
“Our little girl is missing!! Where is my baby, oh, where?”
“We looked away for one second; she could be drowning out there!”
Instantly, we saw a family, panicked with fear;
We prayed out loud that their daughter was near.
Police and divers’ searches began;
But standing there, I formed my own plan.
Collecting pretty shells did not matter anymore.
I felt desperate to start searching and get closer to shore.
As I looked for the yellow swim suit and long brown hair,
All the while, I pleaded for her life in prayer.
Everyone was so afraid she was drowning in water,
But my Father guided and I trusted as His daughter.
Time passed by, children were frolicking everywhere;
The sun was fiercely hot and gave such a blinding glare.
It was like hunting for a diamond through the grains of sand,
Yet God was leading and unfolding His plan.
All of a sudden, my eyes spotted the yellow suit and girl’s frame!
Bursting with joy, I ran up and asked her name.
She had been lost and scared for a very long time;
With tear-stained eyes, she let me brush off the grime.
Thanking God that this little girl was safely found,
We headed back soon hearing joyous sounds!
As soon as we were sighted,
This grateful family reunited.
I will never forget that mother’s eyes,
Her desperate pleas, then thankful cries.
Rejoicing in an ending of blessings and relief,
I knew it could have been full of tragedy and grief.
Exhausted, but with emotions running quite high,
I turned to see arms pointing to the bright sky.
This family huddled, praising God through tears;
Their child was safe, for He answered our prayers.
Our God of glory was in complete control;
He heard my cries and revived my soul!
I was used to find that diamond in the sand,
Such a miracle from God observed firsthand!
God protected and blessed that glorious day
And taught priceless lessons that mold us like clay,
That strengthen our faith to boldly press on;
For memories of this day will never be gone!


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