The Mysterious Plan

What a mystery is God’s sovereign plan,
So full of miracles since time began!
Everything was created and foreordained
For His own glory and honor to gain.
How awesome is His rule and power
That man and Satan cannot devour.
These wonders are hard to understand,
But are accepted in faith from His perfect Hand.
Now the greatest gift He could ever give
Was His precious Son so we could live!
God provided a Savior and a cure
To pay for sin and make us pure.
At the cross, He gave up His Son
Where victory was gained and eternally won!
This beautiful plot was set in place
By a God of love and full of grace.
And, oh the mercy that He pours
In and through each life He adores.
He even formed a hedge of protection
Around His children with such affection.
Gratefulness flows with a humble attitude
From those who serve with undying gratitude.
Their lives will produce and widely display
Fruits and talents as they trust and obey.
God also sends blessings and troubles and pain
To teach and prepare us for heavenly reign.
His children endure with holiness gained,
While awaiting that day when it will all be explained;
The day when the clouds will open wide,
And Jesus will return to bring home His bride!
His redeemed long to be rescued by their King,
To be hastened home on their Lover’s wings.
They plead, “Break like the morning, our God of power
And bring us home this very hour!”
“Blaze like fire and the shining sun,
And carry us to victory, where the race will be won!


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