Spiritual Fruits Applied

Put on the fruits of the Spirit with God’s daily grace,
Running this race, with His strength to embrace.
Strive for the selfless, perfect love of the Savior,
And mercy, and Godliness with sound actions and behavior.
Walk with the joy of the Lord every day,
No matter what tests He may send on the way.
Endeavor to have the quiet peace that God gives;
Being content, and not as the world lives.
Have patience and perseverance through struggle and strain,
Waiting on the Lord, with endurance to gain.
Be tolerant of others without complaint,
Not easily annoyed, but showing restraint.
Shower kindness and compassion, putting others first,
Being considerate, unselfish, and in God’s Word immersed!
Have goodness and sound judgment, and be fair and true,
With holiness and diligence to confess sin and renew.
Be clothed in faithfulness, and on God’s promises stand;
Not giving in to life’s trials, but to trust in His plan.
Pour on gentleness and mercy, remaining humble and calm,
With tenderness in spirit, as told about in the Psalms.
Put on self-control and daily to selfishness, die,
Not being short-tempered or giving up, asking, ‘Why.’
Show characters that are truly loving and wise,
With temperance, regarding others, and sins to despise;
Put on the fruits of the Spirit as each applies,
Always keeping that goal on the Heavenly prize!
The perfect example in all of history
Is Jesus Christ, who gives the victory!


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