The Miracles of Creation

Look at God’s miracles and glory shine
With excellent handiwork and beauty divine!
The creation of God shouts His mighty power;
It speaks of His wisdom every second of each hour!
Just look at the endless, blue heavenly sky
And the puffy white clouds that slowly float by!
The majestic mountains stand in quite an array,
While icy, cold brooks take our breath away!
Leaves of bright colors on fall maple trees
Sway with the gentle evening breeze.
Imagine the proud pine trees blowing all around,
Causing dark shadows, not making a sound.
The red Cardinal and Blue Jay are a joy to see,
As they fly about busily like the bumble bee.
Eating the tops of bushes are the graceful deer,
With their fawns lagging behind with the look of fear.
The glistening snow lingers on branches and trees;
A bright winter wonderland out of no where to tease;
You would never guess if you went out, you would freeze!
The twinkling icicles hang and drip,
Until children grab, and then lose their grip.
Now come inside and cuddle by the fire
With brilliant colors and warmth to inspire.
The bright sun knows when to come up and go down,
A miracle that it never falls to the ground!
On the horizon are waters so deep,
With crashing waves that splash and leap.
Shells are so dainty; some pearly white.
Imagine the sea creatures, most out of sight!
Flowers are a gift of beauty to behold;
From a tiny seed, a plant grows so bold.
Then from a bud, a beautiful flower will unfold
As long as the air remains warm and not cold.
With rose petals like silk and colors so rich,
Their scent is like perfume and makes the nose twitch!
Fresh vegetables from the garden to pick and eat;
So amazing they live through the summer heat!
Now bring your mind to the fields and hills,
Where the plants grow wild or the farmer tills.
The animals roam and proudly graze,
While wandering and eating the grass and hays.
Among animals is the elephant with his long trunk;
As he saunters and walks, he looks a little drunk!
The squeaky monkeys with all their energy galore
Are a sight to see as they jump from branch to floor.
The huge hippopotamus with his stubby legs is the best,
Hanging around rivers to keep cool for each day’s rest.
So many things God created from nothing at all.
He even set boundaries for each, like an invisible wall.
What a wonder are continents, planets, and meteor showers!
The creative work of God fashioned the universe with His powers!
One of the most incredible wonders of all creation I know
Is the sweet baby inside his mother to grow!
Months later, he is born so healthy, but screaming,
With all his toes and fingers, but tears still streaming.
His tiny body with blood, bones, and a heart;
Lungs breathing, five senses, and a brain that is smart,
Declaring he is a sinner right from the start!
Watch baby grow from toddler to finicky teen;
Then soon an adult, his body changing with each scene.
God made millions of people, who all look unique,
Made in God’s image, even the simple and the weak.
So you see what a marvelous miracle man’s body is!
Only God could do such a wondrous act like this!
All creation amazed, for He formed them from clay!
God saw all He had created and was glad the sixth day.
Such glory displays His wisdom and acts;
Not one good thing does any man lack.
With excellence and might, God wondrously displays
The works of His hands deserve all our praise!
How could anyone question this King who gives?
He sent His own Son, so His children could live!


Deborah said...

Hello! I read about your blog on Carla's, and had to stop by. I love poetry, and write some, but I mostly lyrics. I noticed we have something else in common....adoption. I look forward to reading more of your poetry and getting to know you. I'll add you to my bloglist.

Lynne said...

Hi, Deborah!
Welcome and thank you so much for adding me to your blog list! I noticed that about you as well before I saw your comment! (I was reading your member description.) Adoption is so wonderful and a great blessing. Of course a lot of hard work, too... and I am saying this with only two children, not seven!
Wow! That is so special! I wrote a poem on my blog about adoption. I bet it is about YOU! :)

Lynne said...

Two adoption poems are on the April 30th posts-
"Adoptive Mothers Love Another's" and "Your Treasured Gift"

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