Twenty five years ago, with happiness and pride
I said, I do!” and became his new bride.
So many memories to cherish and share
Since the day we became the inseparable pair.
It all began when my eyes met his smile;
Love touched my heart, never once in denial.
His sparkle and charm swept me off my feet.
Love grew, then marriage made me complete.
Madly in love, right from the start,
I hated to be for a moment apart.
God sent pleasures, then trials to test;
Many years later, filling our nest.
Our baby’s birth was the happiest of days,
Then our child’s adoption, in mysterious ways.
As we served God and taught of Him,
He poured out His grace and blessed within.
In joy and in sickness, and tears I have cried,
He faithfully stayed right by my side;
Always bringing the sun out to shine,
Like the brightest star from Christ Divine!
As my constant provider and joy in life,
So intertwined as husband and wife,
All my dreams have come true since we began
With accomplished goals because of this man;
Blending as one like sweet music flows,
Yet letting me blossom like a beautiful rose.
Leading through changes and seasons to weather
This passage through life we face together.
Even amidst the ups and the downs
Of hills and valleys with laughter and frowns,
With Christ in the center, we will only prevail.
Our bond is forever and will not fail.
With him beside me, each morning I wake
And cheering me on with discoveries to make,
Our future will hold the brightest tomorrows,
For our commitment is forever, not only to borrow.
Our love is the highlight of my life;
I treasure each moment being his wife.
Like finding gems at the bottom of a mine,
I have struck real gold, the best of its kind.
The beauty and miracle of love we share
Is a lasting hope in this world, so rare.
This man is my soul mate and very best friend
And will be until this journey’s end.
These last twenty five years, I will never erase;
They are in my heart to always embrace.
A quarter of a century of memories made
Year after year will never fade.
May silver remind us how we are blessed
To share a life of true love professed.


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