Edith, born and raised in England, was a very cheerful, compassionate, and caring girl who loved Jesus and loved to sing. She lived her life serving Him, she hated her sin, and was very humble. She was deeply taught the truths of God and pleaded with the lost. Edith began to write poetry and hymns as a young child. She wrote most of her poetry between the ages of twelve and fifteen!
When Edith was sixteen months old, she developed infantile paralysis. At age six, her sister, who she was very close to, died. Then at age twelve, Edith had a stroke, but this only made her spirit sweeter. She had to use crutches in order to walk her whole life, which she called "her ponies." She suffered from neuralgia, nerve pain, continually, which made it impossible to sleep. And then, after impressing many lives with her love for her Lord and her joyous character and deep faith in God, she had another stroke at the young age of 25 and within a few hours, went to be with her Lord.
When her beloved mother mentioned her songs and poetry, she would tell her that they were not hers at all, but that they were given to her, and all she had to do was write them down! "The Master's Touch," a famous poem she wrote, has gone out to tens of thousands of people everywhere! She even wrote a tribute to C.H. Spurgeon the day he died. When she died, she left behind many hymns and poems to minister to people today. This girl is a hero of the faith, for her life lives on, as God continues to use her songs today to minister to countless people everywhere!


Anonymous said...

See Kellie Telesford on My Space, you will be aware of the redemption given to Mabel Madeline Matilda Cherry, Edith Gilling Cherry and their mother Matilda Sophia Cherry.
They are laid to rest in Church C, Grave 6, Row 9 at ford park Cemetery Plymouth.
Yelhsa Ballard.

Lynne said...

I don't have My Space. What does your message mean? Edith was an amazing woman who was given full redemption by Jesus Christ at the cross and she knew it and served Him at all cost while on this earth, such a great example to me and the world today, a hero of the faith who never died. Her testimony lives on forever. I don't know about the lives of her family, but should read more about them. Thank you.

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