Prayers and pleas are answered and met
For a tiny blessing, we never regret;
Fulfilling our lives, a heritage from above,
To guide and train, to care for and love.
A precious gift, God’s work of art;
Babies do touch the slightest heart;
Feedings, baths, and sucking their thumbs,
We gaze and dream...‘What will they become?’
Holding them close, breathing in their sweet scents,
Enthralled by each wiggle and squirmy movement;
Discovering the new, as each one grows,
Touching and counting fingers and toes.
Caressing their skin, softer than silk,
Impressed by sweet ‘coos,’ as they drink warm milk.
Girls, so dainty, pink dresses and bows;
Boys in blue, sail boats, and tiny sports clothes;
Sweet angels to cuddle with beauty so deep,
Wrapped in a bundle, fast asleep.
Babbles and giggles, learning to talk;
What utter joy when they start to walk!
From cradles to cribs and nursery rhymes;
New teeth, first smiles, and golden times.
Parents fall in love and melt at first sight;
Each bundle of blessings brings special delight;
Our tiny babies grow up and change very fast;
We hold on to each moment, making it last.
Memories become cherished of priceless value,
With endless kisses, hugs, and peekaboo!
We stop and take in their tiny cries,
Soothing their hearts, singing lullabies.
Mommies and Daddies full of pride and joy;
Siblings enthralled, like with a brand new toy!
Keeping us busy, meeting their needs;
Melting our hearts with every deed.
The future, a masterpiece, held in our arms-
Shielding, sheltering from all harm;
Our bouncing babies so loved and adored;
Miracles from God, our Creator and Lord!


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