HOME IN THE SKY (BY: Calvin Hart)

One of these days I'm saying goodbye,
And I'm going to my home in the sky,
Where I'll never feel sadness, sorrow or pain,
And no teardrop will dim my eye.

I'm going to thank my Jesus for dying for me,
And for setting my poor soul free;
I'm going to praise His Holy name and shout it on high,
When I reach my home in the sky.

Yes, I'm going to my home in the sky,
On the wings of an angel I'll fly;
I'll meet with loved ones who've gone on before,
To be blessed in that sweet by and by.

I'm going to walk the streets made of purest gold,
And I'll wear a bright white shining robe;
I'm going to live forever because no one will die,
When we reach our home in the sky.

Dear friend, will you join me in the home in the sky?
For the time of redemption draws nigh;
Accept Jesus as your Savior before time is no more,
With His blood your salvation He will buy.

Now Jesus beacons to you with arms open wide,
Saying, "Come child with me to abide,
Where death will be defied and no longer apply,
When we reach our home in the sky."


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