A Crowd of Needy Petitioners (Author Unknown)

What heart can conceive, or tongue recount--the 

daily, hourly triumphs of the Lord Jesus Christ's 

all conquering grace? 

We see scarcely a millionth part of what He, as a 

King on His throne, is daily doing. What a crowd of

needy petitioners every moment surrounds His throne!

What urgent needs and woes to answer! 

What cutting griefs and sorrows to assuage! 

What broken hearts to bind up! 

What wounded consciences to heal!

What countless prayers to hear! 

What earnest petitions to grant! 

What stubborn foes to subdue! 

What guilty fears to quell! 

What grace,

what kindness, 

what patience, 

what compassion, 

what mercy, 

what love,

what power,

what authority,

does this Almighty Sovereign display!

No circumstance is too trifling; 

no petitioner too insignificant; 

no case too hard; 

no difficulty too great;

no seeker too importunate; 

no beggar too ragged; 

no bankrupt too penniless; 

no debtor too insolvent, 

for Him not to notice and not to relieve. 

Sitting on His throne of grace . . .

His all seeing eye views all,

His almighty hand grasps all,

and His loving heart embraces all whom the

Father chose--whom He himself redeemed by 

His blood--and whom the blessed Spirit has

quickened into life by His invincible power!

The hopeless; 

the helpless; 

the outcasts whom no man cares for; 

the tempest-tossed and not comforted;

the ready to perish; 

the mourners in Zion;

the bereaved widow; 

the wailing orphan;

the sick in body;

the still more sick in heart; 

the racked with hourly pain; 

the wrestler with death's last struggle.

O what crowds of pitiable objects 

surround His throne--and all needing . . .

a look from His eye,

a word from His lips,

a smile from His face,

a touch from His hand! 

O could we but see what His grace is--what His 

grace has--what His grace does--and could we 

but feel more what it is doing in and for ourselves, 

we would have more exalted views of the reign
grace now exercised on high, by Zion's enthroned 



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