Today was "FUN DAY" at my sister's for her 3 boys who are home schooled! I always have the honor of being invited!! It is a special day to do really fun things like making crafts and baking or going to the library, etc., the things you dream of doing with your home schooled children, but then get too busy with school work! Yes, they still do some school work, but take the time on this planned day every other week to enjoy special really fun educational things! SO, I get to be served scrumptious food they each get to pick out and make from their cook books they got for their birthdays, like Emeril's "There's a Chef in my Soup!" Kid's Cookbook. They show me their crafts and read their reports to me, as well. What a very special time with my nephews....and of course, my sweet angelic sister treats me like a queen!! (And the boys look forward to it and have a blast!)
The following several posts are recipes from "FUN DAY" today! (The food was amaaaaaazing!!) Enjoy!


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