Watch the God of Providence travel,
See His eyes roam over the land;
Hear His footsteps lead the army,
With the touch of His mighty Hand!

Oh, His power fills the ocean,
His provision covers the skies;
His wondrous ways move through His people,
For all creation, He supplies.

We watch and marvel as He leads us,
Guiding every path of man;
Though looking through a mirror dimly,
We cannot fully understand.

He works with wisdom and precision,
He sends the bitter and the sweet;
Mysteries lie at every doorway,
With perfection, made complete.

Yet our thoughts are of the future,
So worldly, futile, and in vain;
But He holds our every tomorrow,
And only He, the Lord, sustains.

Just look at flowers growing ‘round us,
See the birds and how they’re fed;
God cares more for His own children
And counts the hairs on every head.

We still wonder as He operates:
Our cup is empty, then o’erflows,
Pages turn and seasons changing,
Shattered dreams we’ll never know.

But God’s plan is purely sovereign,
Even trials are His control;
So why question all His reasons,
When He’s working in our souls?

These tests of life drive us to Jesus;
In His arms, He will transform,
Like the roots of the strong Oak Tree,
Growing deeper through the storm.

What we do with our own suffering
Is seek what God is trying to teach;
Through our wounds and daily burdens,
Love Divine has plans for each.

When life’s perfect, going smoothly,
We wander from the Lord like sheep;
But pain will make us stop and shrink back,
In His fold, He’ll safely keep.

Watch the swift kick from his master
Tame the horse who starts to stray;
God keeps us on paths we wander
With gentle blows along the way.

Look at past years full of mercy,
More clearly seen and then we learn;
As each one counteracts the other,
We see the wheel of providence turn.

Think of Joseph thrown in a dark pit,
A slave then second to a king;
Though his brothers tried to hurt him,
God meant it all for good to bring.

Then there’s Moses, whose speech God used
To challenge Pharaoh to free His own;
Finally giving in at ten plagues,
So Moses led His people home.

The puzzle of life will fit together;
We’ll praise His ways and perfect means;
All work together for our own good;
We must trust, though partly seen.

Though man may question God's authority,
His existence when things go wrong,
God is faithful, and man will soon see,
His plan was perfect all along.

With this knowledge of awesome grandeur,
How could we doubt His very best?
Wake up, souls, rejoice in His plan!
The Hand of Providence leads to our rest!


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