YOUR LOVE WILL FIND ME (By: Brian Doerksen)

You were there when life began

Spoken words became a man

Formed in love my every part 

You caused the beating of my heart

You’re beside, behind, before You surround me 

You’re everywhere
You chart the path ahead of me 

Show me all that I can be

Every moment you are near 

In every step through every fear

There is nowhere I can go to be without You

You’re everywhere
Looking to the heavens You’re there

And in the dark depths of despair

Even there Your love will find me

Knowing that I’m never alone

Even if Your hand takes my home

To the other side of the sea 

Your love will find me
Precious are Your thoughts to me 

More wonderful than I can see

As I cannot count the sand

I cannot count the things You’ve planned

But when I wake up everyday to face the morning 

You meet me there 

You’re everywhere


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