The creation of animals
within six days:
The peculiar, odd, bizarre, unusual,
Unique in their own ways,
With attributes, details, designs,
Some more rugged and strange;
The attractive, beautiful, gifted with grace
And the gruff with moods that change;
Yet others are gentle, outlandish, or tame,
Spirited, rough and wild;
Some more helpful and useful to man,
While others docile and mild.

Lessons and character taught by these beasts,
Just like the jungle king’s power;
The lion prowls, his roar heard for miles,
Like the devil ready to devour.

Brown bears, so dangerous, live for 25 years,
All 600 pounds roaming forests and hills;
With mighty strength, protective of young,
Like the bear that David killed.

The enduring camel sees through dust storms
With three eyelids, as he carries his loads ;
This disloyal beast travels in desert heat,
And often a bad temper explodes.

The raccoon always listens out for danger,
For this is what he’s been taught;
While searching for food where ever he is,
Investigating every spot.

Giraffes live to be twenty-five years old
And are the tallest animals ever;
Staying hydrated with the moisture from leaves
And prove very brilliant and clever.

Hippopotamuses weigh half a ton
Living on Africa’s muddy shores;
They can stay in water for up to six months,
And have plenty of time to explore.

The plowing penguin spends most time beneath water
And eats seafood for all his meals;
They speed in the water at fifteen miles per hour
And can bounce, but not jump or kneel.

Swans have over twenty-five thousand feathers,
and some can beautifully swoop;
On their own initiative, they take the lead
when flying with a group.

Ostriches run at forty-five miles an hour
And are the largest birds but can’t fly;
They are known for the poor way they care for their own,
And for leaving their young to cry.

Oxen are dependable and persevering,
even if prodded by the goad;
Hard workers for farmers and highly valued,
For they till the ground and pull loads.

Pigs are the most disease-ridden animals;
They eat everything in sight;
While waiting for the farmer to bring the slop jar,
They wallow in the mud with delight.

Donkeys are peaceful but sometimes bite,
And are stubborn and look like a horse;
Dependable and tireless, and often quiet,
Unless mistreated or forced.

Sheep are timid, stubborn, and destructive,
And are dirty, wanderers, and noisily bleat;
They panic when confronted by any predator,
And pull up grass, as they eat.

Wolves, the most persistent animals alive,
Have great strength and endurance and drive;
Horses, the most beautiful and valued animals on earth,
Brave, spirited, and strong, with great worth.

Beavers have tails like rudders in water,
Busy with good attitudes and so clean;
If they slap their tail, they are warning of danger;
But will rarely miss their grooming routine.
If the beaver doesn’t sharpen his teeth,
They will eventually grow too high;
Growing into the brain so deep,
Causing him to quickly die.

Elephants’ trunks are used to shower and breathe,
Heat radiates from floppy, large ears;
They cannot sweat, and need shade and water,
Living in the wild for seventy years.

Oh, thank our God for His animal kingdom!
He made our world so interesting and wise;
Next time you look at an animal, remember:
Look passed their fur and enchanting eyes!

God made each animal intricately special,
Each has his own characteristics and traits;
These beasts designed by God with a plan,
With their very own family and mate.

Which one is your favorite?
So many to choose from!
Hippos are mine,
Don’t ask me “How come!”


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