Straighten a wire hanger and then cut off a piece about 12 inches long. Bend that piece into a circle shape that is about 5 inches across. Overlap the ends and twist them together.

Once you have the wreath base made, you can add the candy! You can use any kind of wrapped candy you like, anything from traditional peppermint rounds to suckers. About 50 of them should fill your wreath nicely, but this number can vary a bit from person to person because of how close they are tied together and the size of the candies used.

Cut some ribbon into 50 pieces about 8 inches long each. Take 1 piece of candy (wrapped candy, like peppermint rounds) and tie it to the center of a piece of ribbon. Then, use the ribbon to tie the candy tightly onto the wreath. You can either cut off the extra ribbon or leave it. The ends can be curled to add a nice touch to your wreath. Continue this process until you have the wreath as full of candy as you like.

To hang your wreath, cut a piece of ribbon and tie it onto the wreath in a loop. You can even eat the candy by simply unwrapping it, leaving the wrapper attached to the wreath, or leave the ribbon, and just pull the candy out! Then you still have a nice wreath when the candy is gone!

These make nice gifts too, but be sure to give a little early so they can enjoy during the season!



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