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The day is fading,
My soul is glum;
Rain keeps pouring,
My mind so numb.

Lurking shadows,
In flickering light;
Time disappears
In the dismal night.

Dread crushes peace,
Pain strikes deep;
Panic takes over,
Swallowing sleep.

Lies from the evil one
Whisper in my ear;
Chuckles in the cold,
A sinister sneer.

Sinking in pity,
Tormented and tried,
Drowning in tears;
Where shall I hide?

Like a slap in the face,
Dark becomes dawn;
I run for Shelter,
But He never was gone!

Why, oh why,
Do I resist and ignore,
The One always near,
Waiting at the door.

He never changes,
Never sways,
Never flounders,
And never strays.

He feels all pain;
Suffered the worst,
Binds all wounds,
His mercy dispersed.

As fast as I can,
I drink from His hand;
My thirst is quenched,
I can finally stand.

Driven by weakness,
Back in His arms;
Secure in His grip,
Safe from all harm.

He patiently waited
And heard my plea;
Out of the quicksand,
He rescued me.

Trusting in God
Who I cannot see;
Held by His grace
At last, made free!

Pain may linger,
But peace floods my soul,
As I bask in the Son,
For He's in control!


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