Buy 1 1/2 to 2 yards printed fleece and another piece the same size, but a solid color to match the print. Cut the ragged ends off both pieces and put them together. Make sure they are both the same size. (Lay on the floor, table, or bed to make this easy.) Cut 4x4-inch squares out of each corner. Now every 1 1/2 inches, make a 4-inch long cut all the way around the blanket. Then tie each matching tab you cut together into a knot, making the 2 pieces of fleeces to become one blanket. Then stretch each side, so it isn't bunchy.

A friend told me once: "Fleece is very forgiving, because you can't really see the mistakes!" So true! Also, these are so easy and fun to make, even for children,and even more fun to give. If you think of what the person likes and buy the fleece with pictures of that, they will love it. For instance, if they like horses, buy fleece with horses on it. There are so many prints to match everyone's likes. And these make the warmest blankets ever!!!


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