Thankful for you
And all you do;
For the way you give
And the way you live.

Thankful for cheer
And the way you care;
For your wise advice;
You never think twice.

Thankful for your heart
And love that won’t part;
For your gentle touch
That I love so much.

Thankful for your joy
That I so enjoy,
For words so kind
That don’t leave my mind.

Thankful for the way
You live every day;
For your example of grace
And your warm embrace.

Thankful for training me,
For helping me see-
Christ in you
Is what makes us new.

Thankful for compassion,
For your Godly passion;
How much you shine,
For Christ fills your mind.

Your love is a treasure,
A gift beyond measure;
Thankful for you, Mother
You compare to no other!


Kristen said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! so true :)

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