So grateful on this Thanksgiving Day
To celebrate freedom not taken away,
For pilgrims who endured while crossing the sea,
To find our land to claim for free.

Tests and trials, the storms and rain
Faced the brave, yet God sustained;
After challenges, many abroad,
They worshiped and thanked their mighty God.

Indians and pilgrims became good friends,
Training each other to garden and lend;
They all came together, now more complete,
And thanked God for blessings and plenty to eat.

Just as the pilgrims were blessed by grace,
He gives us strength for all we must face;
We marvel at their history and how God provided,
Reminding us still of His love as He guided.

I also give praise for blessings He’s shown,
With glory and honor to God alone;
First, I am grateful for Jesus Christ,
For saving my soul and paying the price.

For without my Savior, I would be lost,
And the debt I owed would eternally cost;
Why did He save me, my sins erased?
Not even a speck of me deserves such grace!

Mercies pour down, like hope, peace, and rest
By the God we serve who has planned for our best;
The truths and promises given for my heart
Permeate deep and will never depart.

I thank Him that He loves me even when I doubt,
And for teaching me more of what life’s all about;.
He draws me close and deepens my walk,
Even when I’m anxious or foolishly balk.

Although life has its struggles, they’re few,
Compared to the joy when our souls are renewed;
May God make me grateful the whole year through,
For what He has done and will do in the new!

I sit at this table with the loved ones I treasure,
Gifts from God I love beyond measure;
I thank God with joy and offer Him praise,
For giving me family who walk in His ways.

You’ve made a difference in my life, this I know,
For you’ve taught me to focus, and in Christ, to grow;
You have carried my burdens and made them light
And stuck by my side and helped me fight.

You bring encouragement, pleasure, and cheer,
And the bond in our Savior holds us all near;
I thank God for keeping us safe in His care,
And for mercy and comfort year after year.

This journey we walk on is fleeting and fades,
But our home in glory is lasting, outweighed!
God’s blessings be upon the future to be
As His faithfulness is seen among you and me!

Oh God, we thank you for freedom in You,
For supplying our needs as you daily renew;
Give us true thankfulness not just today
And not just in triumphs, but trials, we pray.

How thankful we are for victory out poured,
for the greatest gift ever inside our hearts stored;
Be our bright Ray of hope for each day;
Revive our hearts to follow your way.

May we live like You and live in You,
Secure at Your feet, Your Will to do;
May faith in You increase and grow,
Until we are united and joy overflows.

Hosts of angels in choir will resound,
Giving You glory, joined all around!
We will be seated together like this,
Dining at the greatest feast in perfect bliss!



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