Famous poet, JOHN MILTON, was born in London in 1608 to a prosperous puritan family. He loved to study and read beginning at an early age, and began to write poetry. After college, he traveled for several years. Once back in England, at the age of 31, he set up a school. He took on his recently deceased sister’s two sons as students, among others. At age 34, he married a 17 year old girl, who gave him 4 children, but then died giving birth.

He made and handed out pamphlets, some controversial. He also published a number of tracts about his concern of the abuses of church government. He published poem books as well.
He worked for the government, but his eyesight began to fail, and at age 43, he was completely blind. This is the same year he lost his only son and his wife.
Later, he married again. Then 2 years later, she gave birth to a child, but both mother and child died shortly after giving birth. The poem below refers to her.
At age 53, he was imprisoned for several months for standing up for what he believed in.
At age 55, he married again, to a 24 year old woman. His daughters used to steal his books and sell them. They were bitter at him for the schooling he placed them in.
He published poetic works. He died quietly at the age of 66.
He stood up for what’s right many times in his life.
The concern to "justify the ways of God to man" is evident in his life and works, as is his conviction that, despite the fall of the Commonwealth and the Restoration of the monarchy, political justice can be achieved in this world.


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