How long must we wait?
How long will we yearn?
Why don’t You hasten...
Quicken Your return?

Our weary hearts are restless!
We cling from day to day
To Hope found in Your blood...
Oh, Savior, don’t delay!

We sin and we have failed,
Breaking Your commands,
But You freed us from our debt
Lead on to the promised land!

When will You reveal
The mysteries of Your grace?
When will we finally stand
Before You face to face?

We wait in expectation;
We long to feel Your kiss;
We desire eternal riches,
To be in heavenly bliss!

When will You appear?
Oh, take us home soon
To walk the streets of gold,
To sing the angels’ tunes!

As tests and trials come,
As sorrow brings each tear,
You also send Your presence;
We know the Coming’s near!

Oh, keep us pressing on!
Prepare our souls anew!
Unfold Your perfect plan
So we can be with You!

Time is rushing on;
The years have come and gone;
The days keep passing by
With each new morning’s dawn.

When will You restore the faithful?
Unite us with those who died!
When will this race be over,
All worth the tears we’ve cried?

We are ready and willing, Lord;
We linger at Your feet!
Teach us contentment now
Till Your work on earth’s complete.

Oh, Savior, Master, King!
We’re so grateful we’ve been found!
Your praise forever be on our lips
Till we receive our crown!


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