The sun in your smile
Bursts with shine;
Beauty of laughter
Melts in our minds.

Eyes of gentleness
Kiss away fear;
Arms full of patience
Drawing us near.

The flow of kind words
Pressed in our heads,
Remembering comfort,
Encouragement said.

Sounds of your voice,
Whispers and sighs
Ring sweet melodies,
Like songs from the skies.

The glow of your face,
Like morning’s first light;
Your courage and wisdom
Illumines our night.

Rich family bonds,
Life’s greatest pleasure;
Heavenly gifts,
Prizes you treasure.

Compassion and love,
Cherished so deep;
Embraces and hugs,
Our own to keep.

Your generous heart
Given away;
Joy of our memories,
Forever will stay.

The bravest of heroes,
A diamond in snow;
The sparkling star,
So proud to know.

Giving and sacrifice,
No matter the weather;
Faithful devotion,
To keep all together.

Loyal protector,
Our constant friend,
The rock of security
On whom we depend.

All colors of strength
Down every road;
Flow of God’s blessings
Lightens the load.

Tests and sharp trials,
Though part of His plan,
Pour forth His mercies
Right from His Hand.

Tried by surprise,
Storms and through rain,
Darkness brightens,
By grace surely gained.

Strength to endure,
He gives to His own,
Never leaving the side,
Taking on every groan.

He turns every night
From sunset to day,
Renewing the soul,
Leading the way.

For Jesus, sweet Jesus,
Who bottles the tear,
Feels your worst woes,
Calms every fear.

A Guide through the valleys,
The Shepherd who cares,
The Hope of glory,
Peace eternal to share.

The God of providence
Who held you this day,
Firmly will carry you
Each step of the way.

One day, eyes will see,
All pain and grief gone;
The mysteries of His love
Revealed like the dawn!


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