Old, fade away!
Burst in the new!
Another year dawns;
Another year through!

Fresh rays of hope
Sparkle from within;
Twinkling like the stars,
Letting sun shine in!

Pride, fall away!
Pity, turn to prayer;
Idols, melt to dust,
More content to bear.

Let true love abound,
Joy to overflow,
Faith to explode,
Change, sure to grow.

Weak, become strong,
Trust day to day,
Walk in His care
Along the narrow way.

"Oh Lord, lead us on,
Our Master, Our Stability!
Nothing can be done
In our own ability!

Giver of grace,
Forgive our past;
We need only You,
The first and the Last!

Guide our every step;
We’re so lukewarm!
Oh, make us calm,
Like the eye of the storm."

Sound all the bells!
Ring in the year!
We’ll walk the unknown
Without future fear!

The Lord’s by our side,
Our Rock and High Tower!
Another year’s gone;
Now closer to that hour!


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