Awoke with such a burst of woe,
Pity bulged from head to toe;
Last night’s hope was nearly gone,
Wavering at the foot of dawn.

Steered by mood and gripping fear
To wander from the path of cheer;
Gasping waves of panic clung
To every promise I once sung.

Jolts of pain dashed through each bone,
Faith turned into selfish groan;
Flaming darts to sting and prick;
Fading trust or Satan’s trick?

Do eyes that sleep cause such defeat,
That when I wake, this gloom I meet?
Oh, where’d the power of victory go,
The joy in God, the fight to grow?

The conquering mind had glanced away,
Crushed in grief and thoughts that stray;
My mortal mind, my sinful state
Had conjured up such heavy weight!

Suddenly the light gleamed in,
Tiny whispers from within;
Angels breathed a holy sigh
That told me God had heard my cry!

Pried open up my heart so wide
And felt the balm that He applied;
My once squinched eyes and cold, blocked ears
Engrossed, enthralled by heavenly tears!

His words of mystery grabbed hold of me,
Letting go of my adversity;
My soul no longer spiraled down,
But sprang up high by what I found!

My captured spirit released, restored,
On eagle’s wings, now freely soared;
What took my stubborn, weary life
So long to give away my strife?

For Jesus lights the path unknown
And saves and carries all His own.
Temporary earth, be gone!
Eternal joys, awake at dawn!

Triumphant on the battle ground,
Singing praise with loud resound!
I’ll bear my cross and not lose sight;
Oh, Jesus makes the load so light!

He fills my emptiness inside,
Grace and peace in God abide;
Content to think on Him and learn,
Trusting, awaiting the King's return!


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