THE HIDING PLACE (Author Unknown)

Have you ever wished, deep down inside

That you could find a place to hide?

To hide from folks who come your way

With endless problems day by day?

To hide from all that lies ahead,

The unseen foes and griefs you dread?

To flee decisions you must make,

Avoid the path that you must take?

To run away and find a spot 

Where even self can be forgot?

Earth has no place as such you seek -
No place of refuge for the weak;

For ev'ry shelter here on earth

Soon proves to be of little worth

And we are left alone to face 

The woes that plague the human race.

BUT WAIT!! The Rock of Ages -
He still stands,

A refuge from all life's demands;

A place to hide -- to weep -- to rest;

A place to hover and be blest.

For Jesus is that Rock Who stands

Holding forth His nail pierced hands -

A covert from the storm is He,

Saying, "Come, and hide in Me."



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