THE WAVES OR THE LORD (By: Lois Beckwith)

"Are your eyes on the waves, or the Lord
When trial or testing you meet?
For if on the Lord, there is strength,
But if on the waves, it's defeat.

The waves may be boisterous and high,
But Jesus, thy Shepherd, is near.
He's ready to answer your cry,
And comforts with "Be of good cheer."

His love is forever the same,
Who laid down His life for the sheep;
There's power in the touch of His hand,
He's willing and able to keep.

The circumstance through which you pass,
The trial of faith may be hard,
Beset oft with doubtings and fear,—
Look not at the waves, but the Lord.

The winds and the waves He controls,
Then trust Him, and be not dismayed,
He taketh His child by the hand,
Encourages, "Be not afraid."

May we, in the pathway of life,
When trial and testing arise,
Look not at the waves, but the Lord,
Who watcheth His own from the skies.

And when we His beauty behold,
The fears and the doubtings must cease;
His mercy, His love, and His power,
His presence bring wonderful peace.

Lord, increase our measure of faith,
Enlarge to a greater degree,
May we with a confident trust,
Look not at the waves, but to Thee.



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