Gawking, wide eyes 

To speculate why;

Pointing so rudely

While passing me by.

The curious staring 

With puzzled foreheads

At oozing and swollen

Cheeks, puffy red.

Forced on an elevator

with a sweet, little boy...

Scared to get near me,

I felt so annoyed.

“Mommy, what happened?

What’s wrong with her face?”

I forced a sweet smile,

And asked God for grace.

Oh, butterfly rash

won’t you flutter away;

Take with you the cold

That turns my hands gray.

Home to my haven,

Finally to rest;

Exhausted and hurting,

But God knows what’s best.

Phone won’t stop ringing;

“Hello.. I’ll be late...

Enflamed, aching joints;

God wants me to wait....

I thought you understood

This chronic disease;

When healthy cells attack,

My life has to freeze.”

Effecting the body

In all different ways,

Flares can cause pain,

Severe, some days.

No longer in haste

Can I jump up and do;

Choices are made

Kept simple and few.

Pacing and planning,

No energy to waste;

Taking new medicine,

Out comes the moon-face.

“Honey, you’re home!

Why sad and depressed?

How was the school day

Be happy, you’re blessed.”

“Oh, Mommy, this boy....

So awful and mean,
Said you are fat

And caused a big scene!

I know it’s your medicine

That makes you gain weight;

At least you’re alive;

God is so great.”

“Some organs, so damaged,

Now healed from strong pills;

Let’s praise God together....

When empty, He fills!”

Whispers of gossip...

“She certainly can’t go

To slow us right down;

We must tell her, 'No!'

Emotions and loneliness,

Feeling left out;

Insensitive comments,

Pity and doubt.
The ups and the downs

That illness can give,

Drive me to Jesus

Who died, so I’d live.

Rich lessons I learn,

Refining as gold;

Promises savored,

Faith never old.

A gift sent from God,

His Sovereign plan placed;

Controlled by His hands,

To accept and not waste.

His presence draws near,

Our Hope all along;

His grace all sufficient,

When weak, we are strong.

We humans may gawk,

Say wrong words so bold;

But our best friend is Jesus,

His love’s never cold.

Tests become triumph,

Lupus, my gift;

Oh, butterfly linger,

I don’t want to drift!

To focus on Jesus,
His love, so secure;

The aches and the pains,

I’ll gladly endure.

The things of this world

Are temporary and pass;

But the things unseen,

Are eternal and last!


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