Valentine’s Day is just a few days away!

Is there something worthwhile you could stop and say?

Do you have special plans to remember to make,

Perhaps a romantic dream to share and create;

An evening made of lights out on the town...
To turn her sad frown right upside-down;
Or is it a box of candy you desire to give;

A hug for the one who makes life worth to live.

It matters not what you choose to do,

If it’s done with a heart lasting and true!

So show real love to your wife and mate;

Decide what to do before it’s too late.

Plan to have a special romantic dinner.

Spend ‘Lovers’ Day’ proving you’re a winner;
This time for your hearts will arrive and be here.

Fill her with joy to overflowing tear.

This celebration of love will soon be upon you;

Show you care, and be honest and true.

Make your plans before time slips away,

For soon it will be another Valentine’s Day!


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