A sailor soars the glassy seas,

Sun’s rays glare overhead;

Below blue skies, he whistles a tune,

Unaware of storm ahead.

As clouds roll in, the light turns gray;

Without warning, thunder sounds.

His vessel starts to toss and turn,

As gusty rains pour down.

Swells rise up, then crash and fall;

He battles the waves, so bold.

His eyes cannot see through tempest rage,

But he knows His Anchor holds.

In the waters of unchartered depths,

The sails all battered and ripped,

His hope and faith find shelter and strength,

Held by the Anchor’s grip.

In life, we see this, oh, so clear,

How days can be so calm;

Then trials come; we start to drown;

We forget whose Hand they’re from.

But through the pain, though dark and dim,

Grace shines, and watch us grow;

Despair turns into utter joy,

For the Anchor won’t let go.

Through storms of life that wax and wane,

His mercies never cease;

True hope sails on to reach that port,

The land of rest and peace!



Kathy said...

love this..

Lynne said...

Thank you! :)

Lynne said...

Wow, thanks Addy, for joining! Welcome!

Lynne said...

Welcome, Nanette! Thank you for joining!

Lynne said...

Rebecca, you made it! Thank you so much for joining! WELCOME!!

Lynne said...

Thanks for joining, Kristin! :)

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