I struck gold tonight! I found a couple beautiful poems by a sweet girl nick-named Lizzy and decided to look up her history. I came across by the mercy and grace of God the book called “Songs in Affliction,” a collection of poems written by Lizzy, her full name being Rachel Elizabeth Patterson. No, she was not related to me, as far as I know, but we had the similar passion of writing poetry through our sickness. She marveled and clung to the providence of God as I do. There we find such comfort and blessings of joy and peace.

Lizzy was born in 1820. Evidently, she was very sick for quite a long season and wrote most of her poems during that time. Friends were so blessed by her poetry that they encouraged her to have them published. The result was this little book so rich with poetry about how great a God we serve.

After digging for more information into the life of Rachel Elizabeth Patterson, I was even more amazed and thrilled to learn from her life of suffering and devoted love for Jesus.

Lizzy’s father died while she was very young, leaving a family of helpless children, who were scattered among strangers. While living with her new family, she became violently ill, which led her to spend many months confined to bed. She never recovered from this illness, but arose a cripple for life, where she resided in Baltimore.

She began writing poetry at a young age, for it is there she found comfort and recreation in her time of need. Years later, friends encouraged the publication of the little poem book called “Songs in Affliction.” It was so well received that she published another small volume called “The Little Streamlet.” May her poems I have posted bless you as much as they have me!


viviankirkfield said...

Hi Lynne,
I saw you were following me on Twitter...so I checked out your blog...so sorry you have had to bear such heavy burdens...but it sounds like the joys more than balance them out for you...you have a wonderfully positive attitude...that's what I am all about. :)
I am following your blog on GFC..and look forward to reading your lovely posts.

Lynne said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Vivian! You are so right! "The joy of the Lord is our Strength!"

Lynne said...


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