THIS I KNOW (By: Margaret Clarkson)

I do not know what next may come
Across my pilgrim way;
I do not know tomorrow's road,
Nor see beyond today.
But this I know --my SAVIOR knows
The path I cannot see;
And I can trust His wounded hand
To guide and care for me.

I do not know what may befall,
Of sunshine or of rain;
I do not know what may be mine,
Of pleasure and of pain;
But this I know -- my SAVIOR knows
And whatsoe'er it be
Still I can trust his love to give
What will be best for me.

I do not know what may await,
Or what the morrow brings;
But with the glad salute of faith,
I hail its opening wings;
For this I know -- that my LORD
Shall all my needs be met;
And I can trust the heart of Him,
Who has not failed me yet.


Addy Rash said...

Some good Lines from your heart... :)

Lynne said...

Thanks, are so right! :)

Romelyn said...

very nice work....I love your poetry and your blogsite.....Keep up the good work....

Lynne said...

Thank you, Romelyn! Will check out yours too!

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