THE WISH (By: Rachel Elizabeth Patterson)

I do not wish thee worldly wealth-
For it may flee away;
I do not wish thee beauty's charms-
For they will soon decay.

I do not wish for thee the joys
Which from earth's pleasures spring;
These give at best a fleeting bliss,
And leave a lasting sting.

I do not wish thee mortal fame-
This, like a meteor bright,
Gleams but a moment on the sky,
And leaves behind no light.

I wish for thee that richer wealth,
No earthly mines reveal,
'Which moth and rust cannot corrupt,
And thief can never steal.

I wish for thee the sweeter joys,
Which from religion flow;
These have the power to soothe and bless,
In hours of deepest woe.

I wish for thee the honor pure,
Descending from on high;
To lift thy soul away from earth,
And raise it to the sky.

I wish that peace through all thy life,
May on each step attend;
May rapture crown its closing hour,
And perfect bliss its end.



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