Best Online Flash Game For Girls: Cafe World

Best Online Flash Game For Girls: Cafe World

I am not very much interested in playing flash games of Girl likings but still when I came across Cafe World I realized that it is an amazing game which could be enjoyed for hours when you are free on Facebook.

Cafe World is the game where you are a Cafe Owner and at the same time you are also a Good cook. So if you don't know how to cook and want to enjoy cooking session Cafe World is the Best option for you.

In this Flash Game you get a large variety of Baking and cooking material like spices and the Cook book is also available from where you can select your favourite recipe to be served to the customer.(Pizza, Burgers).

The Customers available look cool and they are also interested in eating whatever you cook for them and the interesting thing about this flash game is that you don't even have to worry about the customers feedback as they are not going to complain you and also they will come regularly even if you don't know cooking, that is something admirable about this Girl Flash Game.

In the start you have a total of three stoves where you can cook as I am not a Proflasher in this game therefore I have no idea if this space and stoves extend or not. So it would be better if you play and become a Proflasher and report here and share more information about this Flash game.

Below are the few snapshots of my Kitchen, AAHH I just forgot to tell you boys that there is some excitement for us to as there is a caterer truck also available outside the Cafe so I hope we can enjoy the ride..

So Proflasher:
What is your level in Cafe World?
What is the most delicious recipe of your cafe?
Are there any discounts for Proflashers? :P



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