Lord, we want to be Your servants
Help us to be pleasing vessels
Vessels fit for worthy work
Servants diligent in duty
Hearing Your commands with willing hearts
Hearts that perform when called upon to do so
Seeking just Your smile, yet expectant in Your promise
Knowing our service here
Though little when compared to this urgent world of needs
That others always have in places much less blessed
Is still service that mattered much
To those we aided in it
Grant us strength to this day's demands
And knowledge that when today is done
That we feel You're satisfied with us
Satisfied with what our labor's brought
And we'll be satisfied in knowing, - Your Spirit's ways
For without You, - we can do nothing
And when the night comes down
May we have eased some pain, healed some hurt, or just held one hand
Helping someone through their bitter storm
And if we've had such an honor, such a gift from Your hand
Then allow us Lord, to feel the fulfillment of a task done well
And upon graduation from this world into Your presence
Find that You've judged us faithful in our little here
Thus may we be counted faithful over much in that day
And seeing Your smiling face beaming forth Your love
May we feel the warmth of such a pure, holy love
Time, space, and world, - without end.


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