Farm Flash Game : Farmville

Farmville is the Flash game designed for the all those who love to play Farming Games. Although I had played it for so long and it was a great game. There were quite unique and interesting features like you have your own customizable avatar which do the work on your behalf. As you pluck Your avatar will make sure the job is done properly..

I left Farmville quite a few months back and at that time the most fascinating stuff was. The tractor and other farming Machinery available for the Player. There was a huge pool of animals which can be placed on the farm along with your land and crops. The species of Crops were also huge and above all the collection method was quite fast and reliable and the game ran quite smoothly.

Another thing which helped Farmville to be more popular at its time was the enormous amount of room which no other farming game offers. When you start playing you just play and go on expanding your land until you reach the maximum limit and the limit for flash games is nearly up to infinity.

As I came back on the game to give the review what I saw the game has totally changed and the Farm which I left a few months back was gone and comparatively a small farm was there, first I got shocked to see my farm and glanced at it with disguise but then I realized that they got inspired from another game of its genre The FrontierVille and they have turned to be like it so below is a snap of my Farm how it looks like now..

So Proflashers:-
Have you played farmville?
Write about your level and share the photos if you want to :)


So many books, so little time said...

Now this is a game I have so far resisted but so many people on facebook love it!


Addy Rash said...

It was good to play this game but now I also left it :) Nowadays I am playing crime city.. Hoping to review it soon here :)

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