I prefer the moon over the sun,
I prefer family over friends,
I prefer pines to birches,
I prefer thorns than roses,
I prefer silence in the midst of pain,
And I prefer tear stains than stains of red,
I prefer compassion than passion,
I prefer lasting friendship than fading love,
I prefer love that lasts than at first sight,
I prefer hiding than admitting,
I prefer ink on paper than fingers on keyboards,
I prefer staying forever than forever saying good-bye.
I prefer hugs over "I'm sorry's,"
I prefer standing out than blending in,
I prefer the crash of the ocean.
I prefer the chatter of birds than the chatter of girls,
I prefer contentment over happiness,
I prefer being me than being put into another's mold,
I prefer real rock over pious hymns,
I prefer inner beauty than outward,
I prefer running in the rain.
I prefer letters than face to face,
I prefer understanding than "loving,"
I prefer home over travel,
I prefer funerals over weddings,
And I prefer music over silence.
I prefer purple over pink,
I prefer repentance than forgiveness,
I prefer fantasy rather than facts,
I prefer reading than watching,
I prefer stepping in than walking away,
I prefer uniqueness over ordinary,
I prefer being strong than being perfect,
I prefer antique over brand new,
I prefer failing and becoming stronger than being perfect and never learning,
I prefer knowing who I am than knowing what I am not.


Dee said...

Go head Alicia! Awesome work!

Lynne said...

Thanks Dee! I will tell her! Welcome!!!!!

Addy Rash said...

Great Poem by Alicia Patterson :-)

Lynne said...

I will tell her you liked it. Thanks! :)

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