As I stood in church this morning
I said a prayer for you

A prayer of comfort for your hearts
that have been broken in two

I prayed that he would keep you
in his grace and loving care

That he would richly bless you
with abundant love to share

So when you"re feeling down and out
as we so often do
Please remember this,
that someone prayed for you.


Fiducia said...

Reading these verses actually made me envision a flash of thoughts; as if I stood, bowing down to the ultimate Lord! Beautiful, your blog makes me day go peaceful!

Lynne said...

So, my new friend Fiducia!
I just found out YOU are a poet with beautiful deep poems on your blog. Amazing-thank you!!!
Will you be a guest on my blog and tell all about yourself and share a couple poems of yours too?
I would be so grateful! You could email it all to me and I will post it all.
It would be an honor to have you on here, and plus good publicity for you, if you even need that! Thank you! ~Lynne

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