“Father knows best,” so the saying goes,
The man with all the answers, for God’s wisdom, he shows;
The head of the home, the love they all yearn,
But his living example is the best way they learn.

Protector and provider, following God’s Will,
Hard worker all day long, then home to pay the bills;
A time-consuming task to teach and to share,
As instructor of their lives, each child knows he cares.

Daddy listens to their hearts, and wants them pure and clean,
Watching and waiting for fruits to come alive and be seen;
A man of devotion who lives to sacrifice,
Putting family first, offering sound advice.

His comforts are so soothing, encouraging, and kind,
The ‘wearer of so many hats,’ with no one left behind;
With hands as gentle as a dove, yet mighty and so strong;
He teaches his children lessons, learning right from wrong.

Yes, father ministers to their needs every single day,
Finding peace and joy in giving all away;
Whether celebrating happy times and seasons of success,
Or exhorting them to pray and truthfully confess.

He shows the utmost need for His own atoning grace,
How sins were forgiven and Jesus took his place;
He reminds his whole family of the crown to be won;
The love shown by His own Father pointing to the Son!

This servant of God shows each family member just how to faithfully serve,
In spite of tests and trials around the winding curve;
But he also “sets the mood” for those family times and fun,
Whether it's raining cats and dogs or basking in the sun.

The love of a father is a gift and one of dearest treasure,
Such love he bestows on them that no one can ever measure;
Children learn from the humility a father simply shows,
Thrives on his true wisdom and everything he knows.

As he makes it a point to build up and commend,
They see his true devotion and on whom, he depends;
His eyes guard like an eagle as he lovingly defends,
As each child grows, he becomes their special friends.

Like our heavenly Father, he gently calms each fear
And wipes away their tears year after year;
I thank my Father above with all my heart and soul
For giving me this kind of father more precious than gold.

When God chose him for me, I was richly blessed!
He taught me how to endure through every single test;
“Happy Father’s Day!” to my Dad and faithful friend
“May God bless you for loving the way our God intends.


Carla Olson Gade said...

A wonderful and heartfelt poem. A nice tribute to the great Dad you have, and my favorite Uncle!

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