My eyes would barely open one day,
Depressed by the sight of gloomy gray;
Rain trickled down, drowning in weight,
I tried to climb out of my dismal state.

Building up high with anxious fear,
Holding back each cleansing tear;
Overwhelmed, in pain, confused,
Wishing to be more highly used.

When suddenly God brought me back
To solid ground; paved in each crack;
With streams of sun through cloudy skies,
To fill with grace in sufficient supplies.

Yes, He had been there all along
To fill with faith to make me strong!
How could I ever try alone
When God was there to hear each groan?

How thankful for a God who knows,
Who would never let go, but revives my woes;
Who puts focus back where it belongs
For a Savior who fills my heart with songs.

As I lay in prayer for each need,
I felt a nudge and heard him plead;
A man who shouted out in anguish and grief
Had lost his wife who found no relief.

He listened to words from God, as I told,
But I will never know if God saved his soul;
How revived I was to be used by Him,
To be challenged by God, in spite of my sin.

Oh, to keep our minds on the only Savior,
The One who fills each longing favor;
Who walks beside and knows our needs
And gives such rest and daily feeds.

The next day came, and I woke with peace,
Peace secure that brought release;
Release from impatience, pride, and pain,
The gloomy day left not one strain.

I arose with a miracle and soundly wept,
Tears of joy and peace in each step;
He changed my pity and hurt and pain
To lessons of victory of greatest gain.

Although the pain still lingered in sight,
The grips of grace showed His Holy might.
His faithfulness kept me focused anew,
On Him alone and His Will He would do.

His covenant promise to hold me rang clear
He would never separate from this bond we share
Forever He promised, together, attached,
Inseparable, glued, bound and eternally matched.

Like the marriage covenant that no man can ruin
And the church covenant that binds together within
Jesus, Maker, Creator sustains me
Will hold me together til eternity.

Oh, Love Divine, Oh Healing Brook,
Your promises refresh from your Holy Book;
May Your inner beauty be seen in me,
Today this is my earnest plea.

Let me bear more scars for You,
The One who bore for the believing few;
I wait in hope as You shape and mold
You're holding on till I come forth as gold!



cookingvarieties said...

Hi lynne, this is such a beautiful poem, very meaningful in subtle ways: calm and harmonized. Now I know you are such a talented poet :)

Hi lynne and addy. I have publish the sunshine award give aways today and may be you would like to add some comments on these . and once again I wish you both many thanks for the award

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