As we understand more clearly now, all the 11 bloggers we chose are winners, since we have selected them for this special award, and they ALL deserve THE SUNSHINE AWARD equally. We welcome each of you to accept and share this award with the other 10 bloggers to grow in love and respect all around us, and to learn from one another and to grow in friendship and knowledge! Feel free to use the badge above as a badge to drag onto your side bar to display this special honor. Then feel free to chose your own ten favorite bloggers (or more! :), etc!!
Just follow the sunshine rules!
Thank you and Congratulations to all!

You all are sunshine winners!!



Suresh Shrestha said...

That is exactly what we have, to share and shine, and how!
CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and wish your greater SUNSHINE, more SUNSHINES all around you with all those close to you! :))

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