Close-up Cousins


Cousins are usually closely knit
Crazy, similar, silly, kind.
But mine by far is priceless to me
More than any one you’ll ever find.

For although she’s full of character
And has a heart that truly gives
It means the most for her to share
The eternal gift that her Savior lives.

Her talents are seen all over the place
Her name heard throughout many towns
Not just for her books published and written
But for Christ’s beauty and standing His ground.

This bond we share was given by God
A miraculous gift hedged in and protected
This woman of faith always serving the Lord
Even though her sickness slows her down and effects her.

But if not helping me, she is helping another
or ministering to her family and friends
Or studying and sharing God’s Word all around
Submitting to His Will, longing for Heaven’s bright end!

Last but not least, she carries a load
Burdens she hands to her King
In exchange for grace and mercy to gain
And lessons of victory that sting.

But, oh, she still gladly carries that cross
For Jesus lightens it and she holds on through the race
She is never shaken or forsaken or lost
For He is her focus and the glow on her face.


Here there are roses, and lilies, and lilacs
grains of sand too endless to count

Waves in the ocean that glisten and crash
And sunsets of radiance and color that astound.

Such beauty is too lofty for one’s own eyes
That God lavishes on His own children here below
Now watch those who love Him follow His ways,
More precious than gold, more beautiful as they grow.

It’s sweeter than honey just out of the comb
More refreshing than the gushing from water from the falls
As they fly like the eagle and feed on His Word
Waiting on the Lord for renewed strength as they call.

Ah, what a sight to behold God’s devotion to my beloved cousin
The God our Holy Father who blesses us both by His love.
Together we can relate to one anothers daily pain,
But He will never take away our hope of heaven above.

Thank you for my sweet cousin who cheers my days
And brightens my life in so many ways.
She teaches by her example and patience and care

Blessings fill my heart whether she's far or near.



cookingvarieties said...

hi lynne, its so nice to have a cousin who is close to you and be one of your best friend.

i wish i have a cousin but i dont, both my ma and pa don't have siblings. have a happy weekend to you anjd to addy too

Carla Olson Gade said...

Lynne, you are the best! I love you so much and so appreciate the cousins poem you wrote for me. I will treasure it always. You are such a dear.

Love your cousin,

Lynne said...

Aaah, thank you for that note, Wan. It reminds me how blessed I truly am, and not to take my loved ones for granted. YOU can be our cousin!! REALLY!! Come to U.S. and visit us and we will get to know each other and you can teach us the right way to cook and sip tea and how to blog and get all those awards!! hehe We will just show you or give you whatever you want. Americans have way too much of everything. So now you are our new cousin and that is that. Have a great day, cousin Wan! :)

Lynne said...

Hi, my dear Cousin Carla!
Aren't the pictures darling?
Had to fix this one different to fit them. It is YOU who are the dear and I loved our visit after all these many years. I will treasure it in my heart forever...until the next one which better be much shorter. Ha! Hope your trip is amazing! Lots of love, Lynne

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