A Special Thank you!!

A special thank you from an exceptional blogger:

The beautiful author of 'Cooking-Varieties,' Wan Maznah, says,
"Many thanks to Addy and Lynne, for the Sunshine Award- really brightens
up my day.
For that, please accept my colorful thank you card here!"
Addy and Lynne said, "Cooking-Varieties is a very colorful blog full of luscious
food and recipes and pictures all by a very colorful and compassionate
woman and new blogging friend."
She responded, " Thank you so much
for the compliments. It is fantastic, how two people can blog harmoniously
in cyber and be the best of virtual friends. My wish is that both of you will

be very successful pro-team bloggers. My blog is true to the name
"varieties," not just in
the terms of recipes but also in terms of
colors. Besides recipes and colors, you can also read
a lot on health benefits and cooking tips/techniques, plus
a touch of artsy photos sometimes. Speaking of
varieties, I must
also tell you that in my nine months of
blogging, this
is my 15th award and I want to share this
joy with my
deserving blogger friends."
She listed many blogging
friends and thanked them
and has high hopes to continue
being blogger friends
for a very long time. This woman is very
endearing and
compassionate and fun, and cares about her readers.
Thank you so much, Wan Maznah, a dear woman from Malaysia
who has written ecookbooks that are for sale, too!
Thank you for
recognizing us and for your thoughtful
and kind words to us. They
are greatly appreciated, and we
look forward to spending
more time blogging with you!

Please go to http://cooking-varieties.blogspot.com
to enjoy all the many colors and goodness of her exceptional blog!
(You will be able to view the article she wrote about us as well!! :)
Thank you so much to our friend Wan for recognizing us on her blog.
How exciting it was to see and read about our new combined blog
on such a prestigious blog as hers!



cooking varieties (wan maznah said...

hi lynne. many thanks for your visit, that concludes the sunshine ceremony. take care , hope you have recovered fully.
I am really impressed when i read your courteous comments; the way you react with others makes it so very easy for all to befriend and adore you.. hi to addy too.

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