Three Friendship Poems


You’re in my heart and in my prayers
For all your pain and all your cares;
Your joys and your sorrows

And all your tomorrows;
In life’s ups and downs

And smiles and frowns.
Treasured more than you will know,
My love for you will only grow,
More than the total of days gone by
And number of stars up in the sky.
Of all the friends I've ever met,
You're the ones I won't forget!
May God’s sheer grace be your daily g
And your soul find rest to feed and hide
Gently in our Savior’s love,
Finding peace from Him above.
Anyone can sing in sunshine
When they’re happy and life is fine;
We sing out in pouring rain,
For Christ is with us to sustain!
And if I die before you do,
I'll go to Heaven and wait for you;
Now and forever, this be true,
I cherish the friends I’ve found in you.
I think of you each passing day,
Missing you the days away,

But you will forever remain in my heart
For our friendship is a beautiful work of God’s art!


The only cherry on a sundae
Clouds of whipped cream on a pie
Fields of black-eyed Susans growing
Daisies that will never die.
Chocolate chips within a cookie

Colors of a radiant rainbow
Candy in a party pinata
The wishes friends will share and know.
The petals of the largest sunflower
Twinkles in the stars so bright

Fresh blue color in the sky
Zzzzzs that hum throughout the night.
Scented buds on dainty lilacs
Melody within a song

Sugar in a cup of tea

Creamy latte, not too strong.
Lightning in a blackened tunnel
Icy water in a brook
Mountains in a desert valley

The words within a mystery book.

Fun and joy in cheerful laughter
The smile on your playful mate
The beating of your happy heart
The ruby rose that blooms so late.
Sparkles dancing on a crown
The rising sun on clear new days
An angel sent from heaven above
The forever and ever in always.


What is a friend?

Arms wide open
A heart of cheer
In fair weather
And in severe.
Joy to give
Instant care
Christ portrayed
Peace to share.

Showing gladness
Beauty and might
Ministering hope
Burdens made light.

Exhorting gently
Meeting needs
Firmly planted
Christ to feed.
Smiles and laughter
Comforting tears
Love poured out

Listening ears.
Strength revived
An outstretched hand
Admired more
Than grains of sand.

Fellowship shared
Rejoicing near
Bonded in Christ
A gift so dear
Mountains of mercy
Grieving healed
Mingled blessings
Faith revealed
Staying in touch
Sharing a meal
Families united

Emotions to feel.

Time to relax

Tea for two
Memories made

With me and you!



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