All who sail the sea of faith
Find out before too long
How quickly blue skies can grow dark
And gentle winds grow strong
Suddenly fear is like white water
Pounding on the soul
Still we sail on knowing
That our Lord is in control

Sometimes He calms the storm
With a whispered "Peace be still"
He can settle any sea
But it doesn't mean He will
Sometimes He holds us close
And lets the wind and waves go wild
Sometimes He calms the storm
And other times He calms His child.

When the fierce storms of life overwhelm us,
 there is only
one thing to do if we want to survive those storms.
 We must
position ourselves in the right place – in the Hands of God –

and He will keep us there until the storm has passed.

“He stilled the storm to a whisper;
the waves of the
sea were hushed!”

(Psalm 107:29)

The faithful provision and sustaining comfort of God
at work in our life
 depends on the character and
heart of God 
and our willingness to trust Him.
(By: Mary Southerland)



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