Oh, mysterious angels, messengers of God,
I wish I could see your praise and applaud;
What awesome glory is your honor to bring
Great hosts in His presence to worship our King!

Yes, it is true, I can’t see you at all,
But I know you are there, fulfilling God’s call;
Whether keeping from harm, encamped all around,
Or standing at night, keeping each safe and sound.

Or while we’re out, God may send you to be
The strong barrier between our car and a tree;
He may cause you to keep some from falling to their grave,
Or teach and train a cold heart to turn brave.

Or maybe He uses you to whisper in an ear
Treasures that revive the soul and dry away a tear....
Precious truths from His Holy Word written for eyes to see,
Or loosen this world’s grip to share His purity?

Or does God come Himself when we’re lost in our pain
Losing a little hope, starting to fade from the strain?
I know it is Him who comes and takes my hand
And reminds me to endure in His Sovereign plan.

Oh, how you ministered to Christ while He lived here on this earth
The heavenly hosts sang His praises even at His birth!
Angels of God, how did you watch the Son of God go through
The horror on the cross, even as He made Himself lowlier than you?

It must have been agony to hear Him as He cried;
I hope you didn’t have to watch as He hung his head and died.
But thanks be to God, who brought us victory through His Son
For His chosen fallen people who deserved only death.. but won!

Yet three days later, Jesus arose up from the dead,
After paying our debt, and joined the angels as He said!
He was back on His throne, and the angels worshiped their King
Singing glory and praises to the One who paid for Death’s sting!

I trust in my God who did all this for His own, including me
I have faith in my God that He uses angels here to be
Ministers of mercy, spiritual beings, all down through history,
Oh, what a miracle to ever take place; oh, what a proven mystery.

Men still have many questions of who the angels are today,
But where God has chosen not to inform us, we should accept it just that way.
Our opinions do not matter, when the answers in His Word weren’t penned,
But this will all be changed when God reveals them in the end.

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