Closer to You, Lord

CLOSER TO YOU, LORD, I want to be
Walking as You walked with a purpose and plea.
Humbly abiding in Your perfect care,
On this journey I gladly bear.
I walk along life’s path with stride,
As You guide me, right by my side.
So grateful, I am, that You would spare
And keep me from eternal despair.
You gave me blessed salvation and peace
To bring you glory, my faith to increase.
CLOSER TO YOU, LORD, here I kneel
To learn patience through trial and my soul to heal;
To conquer sin and truly forgive;
To freely love and humbly give;
To serve You gratefully from day to day;
To praise and worship You in every way;
To fight temptation with Your mighty power;
CLOSER TO YOU, LORD, I am in need every hour.
Pour out Your mercy and help me not stray,
As I stand on Your promises and on Your Word, stay.
Someday You will appear with quite a sight!
You will come with my reward like a thief in the night.
You will take me home, and then such glory I will see!
CLOSER TO YOU, LORD, in heaven I will be
Transformed in Your likeness to serve and adore,
To worship You, my Saviour, forevermore!


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